Lip Enhancement

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This is one of the most popular uses of dermal filler today.

As we age, lips often lose some volume, and can start to look a little thinner, they can also flatten and lose their shape. Even in non-smokers, especially if you are very expressive, little 'bar code' or lipstick lines can start to appear on the upper lip.

These problems can all be very successfully treated using Juvéderm Volbella or Juvéderm Ultra 2.

Lips which are naturally small or uneven can be enhanced or plumped out with Juvéderm Smile giving a natural shape to the cupid's bow, turning the corners of the mouth upwards, giving a happier look and creating a perfect natural pout.

All the Juvéderm range contain lidocaine, the local anaesthetic, so the procedure is virtually pain free, and is less hydrophilic (water attracting) than other fillers, so there tends to be less swelling after the procedure. (Often for only one day at the most)

The filler then takes on the normal consistency and feel of your skin, leaving your lips looking completely natural.

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