With the NHS rarely offering Minor Cosmetic Surgery, we can help you! Dr Anthony O’Neill (GP) has over 30 years’ experience as a medical practitioner, and takes a special interest in the skin and its treatment. He has carried out many minor cosmetic procedures, and can remove some moles, warts, cysts, skin tags at a reasonable price. All minor surgery is carried out at our Boxford clinic, under local anaesthetic, making it a comfortable experience.


How it works

Minor Cosmetic Surgery is available for all areas of the body and face. Skin blemishes such as warts, skin tags and moles can be removed. Some 'moles' can be easily shaved off and cauterised requiring no stitches. Others may need more comprehensive surgery with stitches, and histology reports. Histology reports are when the removed lesion is looked at under a microscope at our local hospital, and a report is sent to us with details of whether it is anything to be concerned about. If it is, we will arrange further follow up and treatment, as necessary.


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